29 March 2021 – Workshop on “Effective Communication with Policymakers”

Academic research and policy making each have their own dynamics and requirements. For academics that have relevant evidence and findings for the direct participants in the legislative process it can be a real challenge to find ways to effectively communicate their findings. In this online workshop, organized by the Digital Service Act Observatory, three insiders […]

9 April 2021 – First Seminar of the Digital Legal Lab Seminar Series on DSA and DMA

Digital Legal Lab researchers from all four partner universities are joining forces to address legal, regulatory and other questions around the Digital Services Act & Digital Markets Act. On Friday 9 April, researchers from the Digital Legal Lab will hold a  first seminar in a series dedicated to the DSA and DMA proposals. The seminar […]

Effectiveness of Political Ad Disclosure Labels and the DSA proposal

Natali Helberger, Tom Dobber and Sanne Kruikemeier, together with Ellen Goodman and Sophie Minihold, tested the effectiveness of political ad disclosure labels. Online political advertisements are often opaque with respect to targeting and sponsorship. Citizens may not know that they are seeing a targeted political advertisement, that they were personally targeted, that the audience may […]

News Recommenders in the DSA – Commentary on Internet Policy Review

Uva researchers Natali Helberger, Max van Drunen, Sanne Vrijenhoek and Judith Möller wrote a commentary on the Internet Policy Review on “Regulation of news recommenders in the Digital Services Act: empowering David against the Very Large Online Goliath”. Nowadays it is difficult to imagine the online world without recommendation algorithms. They filter and classify the […]