The DSA proposal and Poland

Lidia Dutkiewicz, Jan Czarnocki (Center for IT and IP law – CiTiP, KU Leuven) The position of Poland on the DSA proposal The Polish government’s proposals for amendment of the DSA proposal have been relatively significant. In its position published on 14 April 2021, the Polish government points out to the following key recommendations which […]

The DSA proposal and Italy

Ilaria Buri (Institute for Information Law, IViR – University of Amsterdam) The Italian position on the DSA proposal After the presentation of the DSA and DMA proposal in December 2020, the European Policies Department and the Ministry of Economic Development were identified as the governmental departments respectively responsible for the definition of the Italian position […]

The DSA proposal and the Netherlands

Joris van Hoboken (Institute for Information Law, IViR – University of Amsterdam) The position of the Netherlands on the DSA proposal The Netherlands supports the revision of the ECD framework and the main policy objectives and overall choices made by the European Commission in the proposal for the DSA. It attaches weight to the economic […]

14 October 2021 – Expert Seminar “The DSA: Implications for Freedom of Expression”

Digital Services Act (DSA) Observatory Institute for Information Law (IViR, University of Amsterdam) “The Digital Services Act: Implications for Freedom of Expression”   Date: 14 October 2021 Time: 16.00 – 17.30 (CEST) Online Seminar (Zoom)   Programme   15.50               Get-together (Zoom open) 16.00               Introduction: Prof. Joris van Hoboken (IViR) 16.10               Expert Panel: Dr. Joan Barata […]

The DSA and the risk-based approach to content regulation: Are we being pulled into more advanced automation?

Bengi Zeybek*   Introduction Given the size of platforms, the scale at which they operate, and the immense amount of user content created and shared online, automated tools are an integral part of platforms’ content moderation and curation processes. Platforms use automated tools to identify and analyse content in order to enforce their terms of […]