European Copyright Society (ECS): Comment on “Copyright and the Digital Services Act Proposal”

On behalf of the European Copyright Society, DSA Observatory’s researcher João Pedro Quintais (IViR, University of Amsterdam), together with Alexander Peukert (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main), Martin Husovec (London School of Economics), Martin Kretschmer (CREATe, University of Glasgow), Peter Mezei (University of Szeged), issued a comment on “Copyright and the Digital Services Act”. Copyright enforcement online is a major issue in the context […]

The European Parliament IMCO Committee’s compromise text on the DSA

Ilaria Buri (Institute for Information Law, IViR, University of Amsterdam) On 14 December 2021, the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee of the European Parliament adopted its final report on the Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal. The report – together with new additional amendments proposed over the past weeks – will be voted upon […]

The DSA proposal and Denmark

Jesper Lund (IT-Pol Denmark) The position of Denmark on the DSA proposal The Danish government must seek a mandate from the European Affairs Committee of the Danish Parliament on all EU legislative dossiers. In the Danish government, the DSA proposal is primarily handled by the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. Denmark supports the […]

The General Approach of the Council on the Digital Services Act

Ilaria Buri and Joris van Hoboken   On last 25 November, the Council (Competitiveness) meeting approved its negotiating position (general approach text) on the DSA. Far from turning the Commission’s proposal upside down, the Council’s amendments clarify and expand certain (limited) aspects of the proposal, but do not fundamentally alter the content and structure of […]

The Digital Services Act proposal and Ireland

Ronan Ó Fathaigh (Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam)   The purpose of this report is to provide a brief overview of the Irish government’s position on the European Commission’s proposal for a Digital Services Act (DSA). It first sets out Ireland’s position based on publicly-available documents and media reporting; then provides the broader […]

The DSA proposal and Spain

Clémént Perarnaud (Brussels School of Governance, BSOG-VUB)   Since the first rounds of negotiations on the DSA proposal, Spain has been an active member state in the Council of the EU at the working group level. Spain is among the countries which shared a position paper to the rest of the delegations in the Council […]

The DSA proposal and France

Ilaria Buri (Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam) The French position on the DSA proposal It shouldn’t come as a surprise that France is playing a very active and central role in the current discussions on the DSA package. Not only is the DSA one of the defining proposals of this EU legislature, but […]

The DSA proposal and Germany

Naomi Appelman (Institute for Information Law, IViR – University of Amsterdam) The position of Germany on the DSA proposal Recent reporting shed light onto the German position in the EU negotiations for the Digital Services Act (DSA) (see Netzpolitik, Tagesspiegel and Euractiv). Central to its position in these negotiations is the possible tension between Germany’s […]

In between illegal and harmful: a look at the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use of online platforms in the light of the DSA proposal and the fundamental right to freedom of expression (part 3 of 3)

By Britt van den Branden, Sophie Davidse and Eva Smit* This blog is the third and final part. See blog 1 here and blog 2 here. After analysing the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use (hereafter: CG and ToU) of six platforms in the first blogpost and applying them to case studies in the second […]

DSA Observatory discussion paper: “The DSA proposal: a critical overview”

  This discussion paper by IViR – DSA Observatory researchers Ilaria Buri and Joris van Hoboken provides a critical overview of the context and substantive provisions of the Digital Services Act (“DSA”) draft regulation presented by the European Commission in December 2020. This analysis aims at informing the public debate around this landmark legislative initiative, […]